Used Cars Costing high to Car dealerships due to Pandemic

Used Cars Costing high to Car dealerships due to Pandemic

The whole country is disrupted due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and stay home orders have shattered the business of used cars. Car dealerships purchase the used vehicles in bulk at auctions due to lockdown their purchase power has disrupted which leads to high-cost used vehicles.


The decline in the used-car market can benefit the car shoppers as the price hasn’t been increased also it can provide them great deals and offers. The summer can be full of great deals on used vehicles.


The used car market is drastically changing as the cars are available on lease extensions, deferred payments disrupted the sales. The used vehicle index shows the price paid by a car dealership on buying used vehicles is down 11.3 percent from March to April. It has received a rise of 13.9-percent in sales in Mid-June.

Price hike to acquire used cars

Car dealers are facing a hard time to get used vehicles in their car lots and paying more for the same. The customers are facing no issues as retail prices still remain the same but dealers do. Before COVID-19 amid pandemic, the used car market was at a peak. 


Dealers have been acquiring used vehicle inventory as new car production is at the halt in many areas which left the buyer option of buying used cars.


The sales have been increasing due to business moving at digital platforms.  The youngsters and new buyers search online and find a used vehicle through a dealership locator and get cars at cheap rates.

Shortage of New Pick-up trucks

In amid pandemic, the demand for pick-up trucks has been constantly increasing and people have invested their money in buying them. The production halt is going to create a problem in the availability of new-vehicles till September or October.


This shows the demand for the used vehicle will tend to increase and their value will change rapidly. The retail prices haven’t affected buyers much where some factors can change the price of used vehicles and make them more affordable.


The lease extension has been seen more frequently this year due to on-going pandemic but the end will result in buying more used cars which will benefit dealers in the long run.

Beneficial for Consumers

The volatility of used cars can change their demand and sales which can give rise to summer sales. In the late summer, customers will have a wide variety of options for every make and model in used vehicles to buy at cheap rates.


How much lower price car dealerships settle on a used car?

The car dealerships lower down the price by a minimum of 5% or you can negotiate with the dealer or trade-in vehicle at a great price.

How much time dealers can keep used cars in the dealership?

The dealership keeps the vehicle in their car lot for about 3-4 weeks which extends up to 60-90 days. The more the vehicle stay in the dealership, it loses its value in the market leads to less profit.

Is it easy to negotiate on a used car with dealers?

Yes, you can negotiate the price of used cars. It requires to do market research, get price quotations from different car dealerships that will help you ease the negotiations, and can get you a used car at cheap rates.