Used Car Buying Guide

Used Car Buying Guide

Dealers have the business to run in a proper manner in order to generate more profit and sell off the old inventory. There are always myths ongoing for the dealer in terms of bad deals, offering a higher price and carrying a bad reputation.

Let’s have a look at some of the misconceptions that consumers hold and perform business accordingly.

Dealers Focus On Selling Old Vehicles First

“Cars are not like whiskey, they don’t get better with time”. There is no point in stocking up the inventory, no users will be interested in buying an older model of cars. They have a business to run, in order to pursue the business activities moving out of old inventory is necessary to make space for the new models.

Dealers Offer Expensive Financing

Dealer shares strong relationships with the multiple financial companies they provide the best deal and tie you up with the best lenders. There are chances when they can provide you zero percent financing.

Cash Payment Can Score A Better Deal

Sometimes it leads to paying more at the time of buying a vehicle in cash. Financial companies or other in-house brands who provide financing services offers discount and extra incentives which lower down the sales price.

Buying At The End Of The Month

The salesperson has to complete the target at the end of the month, the dealership provides offers in order to boost the sales but they are not differentiating among the consumers. They cannot hold onto the vehicles in order to generate more business it’s required to put the deals.

Dealers Lose No Money On Cars

There is no certainty, sometimes they incur huge amount of losses on the vehicles. The vehicle which is in stock from a long duration is depreciating and also taking space of the new vehicle which can provide them a great deal.

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