Why Car Dealership Not Allow on Sunday | Car Lot Open on Sunday

Why Car Dealership Not Allow on Sunday | Car Lot Open on Sunday

This question has become a major concern throughout the country. Weekend, why dealerships are closed how will you proceed with the shopping?

Do dealers decide to close them or some laws? Confused? Questions are bombarding in your head and we are here to solve all your questions why used car lots are not open on Sunday?

The emergence of “Blue Laws” leads to car dealerships not open on Sundays enforced by the laws. Now, the area of concern in which states car dealerships remain open on Sundays?

There are few states in which auto dealers get down to business on Sunday under the blue law prohibitions such as Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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Why car buying is not allowed on Sunday in Colorado?

Car dealers don’t commence their business on Sunday in Colorado are bound by the law that states dealerships cannot remain open on the first day of the week i.e. Sunday.

Can I buy a car on Sunday in Texas?

Texas doesn’t follow the blue law that prohibits car dealerships from being open on Sunday. Although in Texas they have a law that states car dealership cannot open on both Saturdays and Sunday, they have to close them for one day. It’s illegal to operate them on both the days of the weekend.

Can I buy a vehicle in Florida?

Car dealers can pursue their business in Florida in terms of buying and trading of vehicles which doesn’t get impacted by the prohibitions of blue laws.

Why in New Jersey car dealerships remain closed on Sunday?

New Jersey still abides by the laws and understand the concern of not opening the car dealerships on Sunday.  The dealership enjoys this law as it saves the operation cost for one day also employee can enjoy their Sunday with friends and families.

Can I trade the car in Michigan on Sunday?

It is against the law to commence the business in terms of sale, trading or buying the vehicle. In Michigan, the law states if the dealership is located in the county with an approximate population of below 1, 30,000, they can sell cars on Sunday.

Can I finance the vehicle on Sunday?

No, you cannot finance the vehicle on Sunday. Most of the car dealerships remain closed on Sunday as they’re abiding by the laws and legislations. There are some states who don’t operate under the blue laws still they close the dealerships. The dealerships and employees all look for weekly-off on Sunday, it would become a hassle to finance the car on Sunday.